The name of the organization shall be the Young Democrats of Hawaii (hereinafter referred to in the by-laws as “YDHI”)

The YDHI shall strive to:

  • Advocate for the highest degree of social justice and equal opportunity for Hawaii’s people,
  • Increase the political strength of young people; and
  • Stimulate, in young people, an active interest in political and governmental affairs;

Section 1: Membership Qualifications
Any person under thirty-six (36) years of age, who professes and demonstrates allegiance to the principles of the Democratic Party, shall be eligible for membership, provided they have not registered as a member of another political party.

Section 2: Non-Discrimination
The YDHI and any of its chapters shall not discriminate in the any manner on account of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.

Section 3: Liability
Members of the YDHI shall not be liable for the debts or actions of the organization, nor shall YDHI be liable for any unauthorized acts of any of its officers unless so ratified by the YDHI Executive Committee.

Section 1: Purpose and Time of Biennial State Convention
The YDHI shall assemble in a state convention biennially for the purpose of guiding the statewide activities of the organization, formulating a YDHI Legislative Platform, considering constitutional amendments, electing a new YDHI Executive Committee, and transferring the authority of the bank account from the previous year’s signatories to the duly elected Treasurer and President.  To effect said transfer, the sitting Treasurer shall bring a new signature card and all financial materials to the Convention and the sitting Secretary shall produce a sign copy of the minutes of the proceedings to the duly elected Treasurer and President within ten days of the Convention.

The state convention shall be held immediately after the biennial state party convention.  Convention notice shall be given at least thirty (30) days prior to the biennial state convention.

Section 2: Credentials Committee
A three member Credentials Committee approved by the Executive Committee shall be appointed 30 days prior to Convention, whose purpose will be to vet and certify attendees to the YDHI Convention.

Section 3: Voting at the YDHI Biennial State Convention

  1. Each member shall be allocated one delegate vote.
  2. Voting shall be conducted via a closed ballot process.
  3. If an officer is running opposed, he/she shall be duly elected via acclamation.

Section 1: Establishment
YDHI may be organized into one or more chapter, each of which shall function as a semi-autonomous organization involving young people in the promotion of Democratic Party principles. Each chapter shall be approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 1: Executive Committee

  1. Officers. There shall be the following officers of YDHI: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, YDA National Committee Man and Committee Woman, State Central Committee Male and Female Representative, and any appointed Directors.  Presidents (or designees) or college chapters shall be ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.
  2. Responsibilities of Officers. The following shall be job duties and responsibilities for each officer:

The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the organization and shall be responsible for the following duties and powers:

  • Preside over all meetings;
  • Establish administrative procedures not otherwise provided for by the Constitution or By-Laws of this chapter;
  • Act for and on behalf of YDHI;
  • Coordinate the agenda for each meeting of YDHI; and
  • Assign duties and responsibilities as necessary.

Vice President
The Executive Vice President shall be responsible for the following duties and powers:

  • Act as President Pro-Tempore in the absence of the President;
  • Assist the President; and
  • In a case where the President’s office becomes vacant, the Vice President shall assume the authority of President and shall assume all powers, duties, and responsibilities associated with that position.  The position of the Vice President shall then be vacant and the new President, pending the approval of the Executive Committee, may make an appointment.

The Secretary shall be responsible for the following duties and powers:

  • Record and maintain accurate minutes of all chapter meetings (both General and Executive Committee meetings). The minutes shall mirror those of Appendix A (sample Minutes).  The minutes shall then be approved at the next regular meeting.  The minutes will then be certified by both the President (or designee) and the Secretary (or designee) signing the minutes; and
  • The Secretary shall maintain either a binder with hard copies of the minutes of every meeting. This binder shall be transferred to the next duly elected Secretary at the next biennial YDHI State Convention.
  • The Secretary, or his or her designate, shall be responsible for maintaining a mailing list of the YDHI membership.

The Treasurer shall be the Chief Financial Officer of the organization and keep accurate account of all financial accounts and transactions of the organization.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the following duties and powers:

  • Be responsible for managing any bank accounts of the YDHI;
  • Coordinate the filing of any financial paperwork with the Democratic Party of Hawaii’s Treasurer; and
  • Be responsible for maintaining a binder with the following items: reimbursement forms (receipts of reimbursements made along with reimbursement form), monthly bank statements, the checkbook, and any necessary materials.

National Young Democrats of America Male & Female Representatives
The duties of the representatives to the National Committee of the Young Democrats of America shall be to serve as liaisons between the Young Democrats of Hawaii and the Young Democrats of America, and to represent the organization at all meetings of the National Committee of the Young Democrats of America.  The YDA representatives shall participate on monthly scheduled YDA calls and report back at the next scheduled YDHI meeting.

State Central Committee Male & Female Representatives
The duties of the representatives to the State Central Committee (SCC) of the Democratic Party of Hawaii shall be to serve as liaisons between the Young Democrats of Hawaii and the SCC.  They shall attend the SCC meetings and shall report back at the next scheduled YDHI meeting.

College Chapter Presidents (or designees)
The duties of the college chapter presidents shall be to serve as liaisons between the Young Democrats of Hawaii and their respective college chapter.

  1. Additional Officers. The President shall have the authority to appoint up to five directors to help carry out the mission of the YDHI. These directors shall have a vote on the Executive Committee and may be removed by the President at any time.
  2. Term of Office.  The YDHI Executive Committee shall take office at the close of the Biennial State Convention at which they were elected and shall serve until the close of the next convention.
  3. Vacancies. The President, with the approval of the YDHI Executive Committee may, in its discretion, elect acting or temporary officers to fill vacancies occurring for any reason whatsoever.
  4. Impeachment. Officers are subject to impeachment and removal from office for misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance of assigned duties or for violation of any law or rule of the YDHI.
  5. Qualifications. Officers shall be registered members of the YDHI.

Section 2: Meetings

A.    YDHI Executive Committee

  1. Meetings. The first General Meeting of the YDHI Executive Committee shall be held immediately after, and at the same place as, the YDHI Biennial State Convention.  No notice other than this reference need be given.  The YDHI Executive Committee may determine the time and place for the holding of additional regular meetings.
  2. Quorum. At any meeting of the YDHI Executive Committee, a majority of officers shall constitute a quorum, and the concurring vote of a majority of the members constituting a quorum shall be valid and binding upon the YDHI, except as otherwise provided by law or by the bylaws of the YDHI, may be adopted by the YDHI Executive Committee. If an officer holds more than one position, that officer shall have one vote.
  3. Reports. At each YDHI general membership and Executive Committee meeting, the Treasurer shall report on the organization’s finances.
  4. Finances. The Executive Committee shall approve every disbursement or reimbursement.

These by-laws may be amended at any YDHI Executive Committee meeting.  Adoption of amendments shall require a majority vote of seated members of the Executive Committee.

YDHI may be dissolved at any time by majority of the YDHI Executive Committee.  In event of such dissolution, all funds of YDHI remaining after satisfaction of all outstanding liabilities shall remain in trust, the trustees of which shall be the last duly elected Executive Committee.


  1. Policy Statements: YDHI may adopt formal policy statements (i.e. stances on issues) via a majority vote by the YDHI Executive Committee. Such statements may serve as the basis for Letters to the Editors, issue campaigns, and legislative testimony. These statements shall be approved via a majority vote at a General Membership meeting.
  2. The Rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the YDHI in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the charter and any special rules of order the YDHI may adopt.

These bylaws were amended and adopted by the YDHI General Membership at the YDHI Biennial Convention on May 27, 2012.